Can traffic cops act against reckless driving based on social media posts?

A RECENT video of a driver’s reckless antics has greatly angered netizens. The video captured on dash cam by X user @HezeriSamsuri shows a blue Proton Iriz suddenly braking on the fast lane and coming to a complete standstill.

Luckily, the poster, who happens to be a former motoring journalist, was able to respond in time and avoid a collision on what appears to be a very busy highway.

Chiding the perpetrator for his callous actions, the poster lambasted the Proton Iriz driver for possibly thinking he was commandeering a Lamborghini. He further stated that the whole world can now admire the blue Iriz’s rear spoiler and challenged him to pull off a similar stunt with a trailer truck.

Many netizens were quick to condemn the driver of the blue Iriz for treating the road as his personal race track.

The key question here is whether the authorities can take action based on such evidence. The vehicle’s registration plate can clearly be seen and the video shows how dangerous his ‘move’ was.

Can the cops take action and make an example of this driver without the poster making a police report?

Apart from that, many netizens also pointed out this sort of incidences made it imperative for dash cams to be fitted in all cars.

All said and done, it does not take away from the sheer recklessness and stupidity of this driver.

Many netizens expressed hope that the cops throw the book at the blue Iriz driver and can’t wait to hear his explanation for pulling off such a life-endangering manoeuvre on public roads.

With over a million views at the time of writing, the clip would have ensured that this reckless driver has gained some form of notoriety. – Jan 8, 2024


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