Capital A launches shariah-compliant lifestyle platform IKHLAS

IKHLAS, Capital A’s Muslim-friendly travel and lifestyle platform that offers convenience, affordability and accessibility for Muslims to perform their religious obligations as well as a shariah-compliant lifestyle, officially launched on Thursday (Oct 20).

Through a partnership with licensed umrah (Muslim pilgrimage) operators Ikhlas Com Travel and Umrah Sdn Bhd, Muslim travellers can now confidently travel with IKHLAS, which offers a wide range of carefully curated value-for-money halal travel packages at extensive destinations across the whole AirAsia network.

The all-inclusive IKHLAS travel packages include Muslim travellers’ favourite destination, South Korea, with a Muslim-friendly itinerary to experience Seoul either in the winter, spring or while on a Train to Busan trip, from as low as RM3,790.

Other than that, Muslim travellers can also visit Bali, Indonesia, without worrying about halal food options, with outbound packages starting from RM390 per pax.

Other popular Muslim-friendly destinations include Thai cities Phuket, Bangkok and Krabi.

IKHLAS started its business in April 2020 and took the opportunity of downtime during the COVID-19 pandemic to accelerate its development to be AirAsia Super App’s full-fledged Muslim-friendly travel and lifestyle platform.

Spurred by the resumption of AirAsia X flights to Jeddah and many other interesting destinations, IKHLAS is now able to offer many affordable umrah and other travel packages.

Muslim pilgrims performing their umrah in Mecca (Photo credit: Arab News)

Other services available on the IKHLAS platform include digital access to faith-based practices such as Qurban and Zakat as well as other shariah-compliant lifestyle services including Aqiqah, Fidyah and Sadaqah.

Besides that, there is the Shop with IKHLAS shopping feature on IKHLAS, which offers more than 1,000 products such as prayer items, groceries, fashion, books, jewellery and household items.

Various umrah packages

IKHLAS also has various umrah packages, with prices starting as low as RM5,990. Umrah Lite, Umrah Jejak Rasul and Umrah Hawa fly on AirAsia X flights from Kuala Lumpur to Jeddah, with departures from Nov 16, 2022.

The Umrah Lite package, priced at RM5,990 for 9D/7N is scheduled to depart starting Nov 19 while the 12D/10N Umrah Jejak Rasul package (RM7,890) will depart from Nov 16 and Umrah Hawa (RM7,690), which is 13D/11N, begins on Dec 21, 2022.

Capital A executive chairman Datuk Kamarudin Meranun said AirAsia is all about connecting people to destinations at the best value, adding that he has always envisioned replicating the AirAsia success story into a shariah-compliant travel ecosystem.

“With IKHLAS, we are marrying both travel and religious obligation into one convenient and accessible platform for Muslim travellers, enabling them to travel with confidence,” he said.

Kamarudin came up with the idea of IKHLAS with Capital A Group CEO  Tony Fernandes.

Meanwhile, IKHLAS CEO Ikhlas Kamarudin said, “Within just two short years, we have managed to grow the IKHLAS platform exponentially, which supports the Muslim communities and organisations through a digital ecosystem and transforming the way they perform their deen (religious obligations).”

He added: “Besides the ready-made umrah packages that we currently offer, we will also be introducing more flexible, do-it-yourself (DIY) travel and umrah options, where travellers can customise their trips by selecting their flights, hotels, activities and other add-ons that are curated specifically for Muslims.” – Oct 23, 2022

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