Caring Moms: Empowering women to become entrepreneurs

BARELY five years old and the business development platform, Caring Moms (CM) has already reached 45,000 members locally and abroad, pushing women from all walks of life to be their own boss.

It started with the aim of creating an ecosystem for the targeted disadvantaged and displaced individuals (mainly women) in the community to develop and grow their entrepreneurial skills

However, it has grown to so much more. CM has now become one of the largest online small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) platforms of its kind.

The unique platform has connected mothers and single women alike to a network of individuals and corporations, providing them access to a wide range of opportunities, skills, and guidance, said CM founder Shera Ann Bosco.

“We strive to provide a safe environment for mothers to transact, learn, interact, and gain support to start-up and mature their businesses.”

With COVID-19 causing many breadwinners to lose their jobs, capable wives and mothers have stepped up to the plate, assuming the role of primary income provider of the family.

Since the pandemic, CM has seen an increase of 25% in membership subscription. It is also the first to introduce E-BAZAARs in Malaysia, which has also been soaring.

Elaborating on the concept, Shera said that being a home-based entrepreneur gives women the flexibility of being around their children, while working on their passion, such as cooking, baking, sewing, making crafts and tutoring.

“We believe that just about any talent you have can be harnessed and leveraged from the comforts of your home.

Homemakers cum businesswomen

Shera Ann Bosco

“During the pandemic, people started doing whatever it takes to start earning an income from home. They saw the relevance of being their own boss and running their own business. It was a time for people to diversify, be creative and think out of the box.”

Entrepreneurship was not just an option with many, it became a necessity and the home became an office.

So, just exactly how much are these women raking in?

On an average about RM3,500 a month. And if one is really diligent, RM70k monthly, as one top earner recently proved.

“During the pandemic, many entrepreneurs did crowd funding to sustain their business.

“I’m so proud that none of the mother’s I worked with resorted to any form of sympathy. We coached them to think more creatively, to see what the needs of people are, to look at problems as opportunities and become problem solvers.

“This gave birth to forward thinking, highly adaptable women entrepreneurs who quickly changed and evolved according to the market needs and demands. They make us really proud.

“We can learn a lot from these hardworking ladies,” she concluded.

Yesterday, CM launched Female Founders Support Network (FFSN) to enable and allow like-minded female entrepreneurs to network and support each other, while improving mental health among women and provide a learning platform.

For details, log on to– Dec 20, 2020.

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