Celebrating Independence in a multicultural setting

IN a national school setting where all students are of the same nationality, annual Merdeka celebrations tend to focus on instilling patriotism and a sense of national pride.

However, in an international institution such as Peninsula International School Australia (Malaysia Campus), the experience is slightly different given the cosmopolitan nature of its student populace.

Almost 30% of Peninsula students are from abroad, with the Japanese and Koreans forming the biggest contingents.

To mark Malaysia’s 65th Independence Day, students and staff at Peninsula International School (Malaysia Campus) put on a series of amazing musical performances.

After a rousing rendition of “Negaraku”, local students wowed their international peers

with popular patriotic songs such as “Tanggal 31”, “Saya Anak Malaysia” and “Ali, Ah Kao dan Muthu”.

The highlight of the performance was a classical rendition of the national anthem on cello, violin and piano.

Apart from the musical performances, there was an open exchange of information on each country’s Independence Day celebrations among the students.

“Of course, national day celebrations are meant to instill a sense of patriotism among students,” said Peninsula International School Australia (Malaysia Campus) principal Gareth Allman.

“But in an international school like Peninsula, students get a different perspective as they also learn about the homelands of their peers.

“International students gain from being immersed in their host country’s culture and heritage, which is one of the major benefits of studying abroad.”

This is very much in line with the school’s philosophy which champions multi-culturalism and internationalism, allowing its students to develop a global perspective and a better understanding of their fellow man, regardless of race, creed or nationality.

“This melting pot environment is definitely one of the benefits of enrolling in Peninsula,” affirms Allman.

“Expanding horizons and breaking down barriers is very much part of what we do here.” – Sept 9, 2022


Peninsula International School Australia (Malaysia Campus) will be having its Open Day on Sept 10, 2022. To find out more, call 03-5033 8000.

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