Charles Santiago: “Tun M should be ashamed of himself for viral anti-Indian comments”

FORMER premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should be ashamed of himself for spreading ideas that Malaysian Chinese and Indians are not Malaysian enough and are not fully loyal to Malaysia, said former Klang MP Charles Santiago.

In an interview that was played on Vannakkam TV, the former Langkawi MP is heard telling the interviewer, “not completely, they want to identify themselves with their countries of origin,” when asked whether the Indians and the Chinese were loyal to Malaysia.

He is seen with his eyes closed while answering the questions.

When the interviewer told him that Indians and Chinese may culturally identify themselves with their countries of origin, Dr Mahathir simply replied: “If they want to be Malaysians, they must also remember that they are more Malaysians than immigrants from other countries.”

In his response to Dr Mahathir, Charles added that Dr Mahathir knows this is incitement.

“He is also encouraging bigotry and hate. But he doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions. Is this because he is ashamed of his Indian ancestry?

“Is Dr Mahathir trying desperately to stay relevant? Especially in his twilight years? Then he must know we are fed up with his hate-filled rants. Malaysia doesn’t belong to a select few but to all Malaysians. Dr Mahathir has undone whatever little good he did for this country.” – Jan 13, 2023


Main photo credit: Getty Images

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