China aerospace firm impresses Malaysian Agriculture & Food Security Minister with its drone technology

IMPRESSED with what he sees, Agriculture and Food Security Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Sabu has immediately invited China Aerospace Times Electronics Co Ltd (CATEC), the largest producers of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to enter further discussion with his ministry.

In its presentation, CATEC demonstrated the use of UAV on the agriculture industry via surveying and mapping, crop health monitoring and disease detection in addition to facilitating rescue mission, disaster relief, flood fighting, surveillance and transportation.

On Wednesday (Dec 20), Speed Builder’s executive chairman Tunku Nur Muhammad Tunku Adnan inked a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with CATEC for both parties to collaborate in the production of UAV in Southeast Asia.

The collaboration will involve the exchange of knowledge, technology transfer, sharing resources and joint development of investment, manufacturing, production, distribution and sales.

Additionally, the parties plan to explore the localisation of unmanned system products and robots in Malaysia which would result in the creation of more high-income jobs for Malaysians.

“This move positions Malaysia as the sole country in Southeast Asia capable of producing unmanned aerial vehicles – not only catering to domestic demand but also exporting these advanced technologies to neighbouring Southeast Asian countries,” noted Tunku Nur Muhammad.

At the signing ceremony, CATEC was represented by its chief director Prof Jiao Jieqing who was accompanied by businessman Datuk Seri Lee Han Keat who is also the co-founder of Speed Builder.

One of the largest UAV suppliers globally, CATEC places great importance on its relationship with Malaysian companies with Jiao expecting the initiative spearheaded by Speed Builder to be integrated into the One Belt One Road Programme.

“This strategic collaboration will not only bolster Malaysia’s UAV capabilities but also strengthen ties between Malaysia and China in the aviation sector,” he envisages.

“With Malaysia at the forefront of UAV production and export in Southeast Asia, the country  is well-positioned to gain a competitive edge in the rapidly advancing field of unmanned aerial vehicles.”

He added: “By harnessing the expertise of international partners and catering to a diverse array of applications, Malaysia is poised to soar to new heights in the UAV industry.” – Dec 22, 2023

Main pic credit: ts2 space

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