Choosing the right colours for small office suites

MANY people now prefer lifestyle suites that allow for work, rest and relaxation, all in one common property. This preference has been amplified by working professionals who are not bound by traditional office set-ups but use technology to stay connected with bosses and clients alike.

Having everything under one roof is great but it is still important to have designated areas for work and leisure to allow for focus as well as privacy. Choosing the right colour scheme will greatly help in keeping the work spaces distinct from the other areas of the lifestyle suite. Here are some useful tips:

Create distinct work and leisure spaces

Contrasting paint schemes will help create a clear divide between work and leisure spaces. Such colour zones allow an individual to maintain focus since the rest of the lifestyle units have been visually separated.

Neutral colours offer infinite possibilities

It is no surprise that neutral tones are highly popular in small office suites. These create an understated environment that makes spaces airy and relaxing. The colour scheme does not have to be boring as neutral colours can be augmented with choice art deco pieces that best reflect the resident’s personality.

Sophistication with monochrome

Create a picture of sophistication with a simple monochrome colour scheme. A small office suite’s look is greatly enhanced when the black and white colours are accentuated with plenty of texture, just enough to make the space interesting but not cluttered.

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