Clarify e-invoicing to ease hawkers’ worries, govt told

WANITA MCA has called for the government to expedite the release of a clear and comprehensive e-invoicing mechanism to address concerns among workers.

This is following Putrajaya’s recent announcement of a separate e-invoice mechanism for hawkers and specific industries which requires them to submit monthly consolidated e-invoices to the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) at the end of each month.

“In this regard, we hope that the government will provide hawkers with detailed information on the new mechanism’s specific content and implementation methods in advance to avoid disruptions to their daily operations,” Wanita MCA national chairperson Wong You Fong said in a statement on Tuesday (May 14).

Wong You Fong (Pic credit: The Star)

To facilitate hawkers’ participation in the e-invoice system, Wanita MCA also proposes that the government consider developing a simplified mobile application for e-invoicing.

Through this proposed mobile application, Wong said hawkers can issue monthly consolidated e-invoices to LHDN as well as issue daily billings to customers similar to the Touch ‘n Go app via their smartphones without the need for a computer.

“This will not only reduce the operating costs and administrative expenses faced by hawkers in implementing the electronic invoicing system, but also promotes wider adoption and application of the mechanism,” she remarked.

“LHDN must organise briefing sessions nationwide to educate hawkers on how to use and navigate the e-invoice website and its facilities, including detailed explanations of the e-invoice process and best practices, to help hawkers better understand the mechanism.”

Wong said to ensure the effectiveness of the briefing sessions, LHDN officers should conduct regular reviews and assessments which will help identify any knowledge gaps among hawkers regarding operating the e-invoice website and understanding the system fully.

She said LHDN should further establish a dedicated hotline after the sessions to address any implementation issues faced by hawkers, adding that the proactive approach will further minimise potential confusion and ensure a smoother transition.

“It is hoped that the government will take into account the practical needs and interests of hawkers when implementing the e-invoice system while also aiming to improve tax collection efficiency,” she stressed.

“The government, particularly the Finance Ministry, needs to listen attentively to the concerns of the industry and take proactive measures to ensure that the system is more user-friendly and practical.

“MCA Wanita believes that this will not only help prevent the e-invoice system from becoming a stumbling block to economic growth, but act as a catalyst for digital transformation to achieve modernisation and efficiency in tax administration.” – May 14, 2024


Main pic credit: theSun

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