Coldplay’s Malaysia concert faces more calls for a ban

THE Federal Territory Mufti Associate Prof Datuk Dr Luqman Abdullah has joined others in Malaysia, urging organisers to reconsider the Coldplay concert scheduled for Nov 22 at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

This came after two other Muslim leaders from Perlis expressed the same opinion about the concert.

However, the mufti said the music group was associated with an immoral group that promoted the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) agenda.

“We also advise the community not to support this programme, which is clearly against the noble values and culture of the community in this country.

“For the Muslim community, it needs to be understood that entertainment in Islam has limits that must be followed and any type of entertainment that goes beyond these limits is against the Islamic law,” he said in a statement yesterday (Nov 17).

Previously, the same view was given by Pahang Mufti Datuk Seri Dr Abdul Rahman Osman and Perak Deputy Mufti Datuk Zamri Hashim.

Abdul Rahman insisted that Coldplay concerts should be banned due to the British alternative rock group’s support for LGBT people.

Zamri also associated the need for the cancellation of the concert with disrespecting the sadness and feeling of sympathy for the Muslims in Palestine. Netizens are not in agreement with these calls.

(But who will reimburse the expenses of tourists who have booked hotels and concert tickets? Our country is multicultural, and the tourism industry needs to thrive for the nation’s economy to recover after COVID-19. It’s not that we lack sympathy for our Muslim brethren in Palestine.)

Some users on the X platform added that the Mufti must go live in a cave while others said it is better to do the concert in Borneo, there will be issues.

Meanwhile, @DanialAHFMD pointed out that the Mufti should refund those who purchased the tickets.

[Pay back all the people who have bought, easy for you to say behind the media because it’s not his (Mufti’s) money either.] – Nov 18, 2023

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