Conflict in Holy Land: PAS leaders donate to Palestinians

WITH Palestine suffering air strikes from Israel, Sabah PAS leader Dr Aliakbar Gulasan announced that he would donate a month’s allowance to help the Palestinian struggle.

Aliakbar, a nominated assemblyman, said his contribution is a symbol of commitment and solidarity with the Palestinian people, which goes beyond religion, race and political affiliation.

“I call on everyone in Sabah to come forward and make contributions toward the Palestinian funds,” he said.

Dr Aliakbar Gulasan

The Sabah lawmaker also called for Malaysians to pray for Palestinians and their safety.

Aliakbar’s move came following Terengganu Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar and his fellow lawmakers announcing they will be donating a month’s salaries for Palestinians.

As of today, around 130 people perished in Gaza since the hostilities erupted on Monday, including 34 children and 21 women. Another 900 people were reported injured.

On the Israeli front, eight people have died, including a soldier and six civilians.

On Feb 19 last year, Palestinian ambassador to Malaysia Walid Abu Ali revelaed that donations raised by Malaysian non-governmental organisations (NGO) did not reach the al-Aqsa Mosque Fund for years.

He added that only funds sent by the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Mais) had been accounted for.

The Palestinian leader the urged Malaysians to be wary of those seeking donations, in the name of saving Palestinians.

“Some NGOs in Malaysia, they focused on supporting Palestinians, supporting people in Gaza by raising donations.

“I mean, you contribute. You raised the money, but did you ever ask who received the money? Who benefited from it? No one knows,” New Straits Times reported Walid as saying. – May 15, 2021.

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