Confusion reigns among the public over targeted subsidies

ECONOMY Minister Rafizi Ramli recently explained to the Dewan Negara the importance of the use of data to reach the poor and needy Malaysians with his proposed targeted subsidy.

Poverty eradication requires accurate and updated data but there were doubts about e-kasih data which is the source of debate from various parties, according to him.

However, with his plan, the government will not have to struggle to deal with the issue of poverty eradication every year.

Hence, the launch of the Main DataBase (PADU) system will allow the government to determine the target groups more accurately but the entire issue of targeted subsidies is not well understood by the population, it seems. Many on social media are claiming it is ‘another’ failure from the Madani government.

Rafizi noted that the targeted subsidy programme is expected to be fully implemented beginning next year.

Many is of the opinion that the M40 group will be the one losing out the most. Those belonging to the B40 category will be “safe” and those in the T20 category will be able to pay their way through.

Twitter user @PakMustaper stated:

(Now, the M40 has become B40 and B40 is at the M40 level. For example, a B40 family takes their sick child to a private clinic under the Madani medical scheme but an M40 family has to queue at a government hospital.

(I’ve witnessed this within my family circle. If they cut the fuel subsidies for the M40, it will be even tougher for them, that’s for sure.)

Some agree with the idea but are still giving mixed reviews about its implementation.

Twitter user @anipm87 said:

Following that, other users appear to agree with this as well.

(PADU combines socioeconomic information of every household in Malaysia and will serve as the foundation for targeted subsidy distribution. If God wills, it will become the most comprehensive database the government has ever had to ensure that subsidy beneficiaries are targeted without any wastage.)

(“M40 also pays taxes but receives no assistance.” All M40 heavily affected with the cost of living that’s higher and if subsidies are taken from them?

(Is it easy for all M40 individuals to have financial freedom, extra money, less commitments, and live in rural areas? When taxed, they say “the people are struggling”.) – Sept 30, 2023


Main photo credit: Bernama

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