Consumer advocate: Has your insurance claim been approved?

CHECK the credentials of the insurance personnel who approved / disapproved the insurance applications submitted by doctors.

More than likely there are numerous reports requested and queries for a simple claim.

Underlying illnesses and pre-existing conditions are the usual excuse.

“Do they have the qualifications to act in such manner. Even doctors hired by insurance companies need to be put under the microscope.

“Some have not completed their horsemanship, some from unrecognised universities and some foreigners,” said Malaysia Asean APEC lead consumerist Datuk Jacob George lamented to FocusM.

In response to an article run by FocusM, Eximius Medical Administration Solutions Sdn Bhd had this to say.

“FW: Poor doctors being pressured. Boohoo”

It has come to a point, George said, that BNM has to intervene given the quality of healthcare in the country will be at stake if doctors have to justify to insurance companies about their medical choices.

He added a lot of their (insurance companies) queries infringe on doctor-patient confidentiality.

So, who stakes claim? Bank Negara Malaysia, please stand up. – Jan 1, 2021

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