Controversy: The half-hearted apologies by PN MPs questioned

THERE have been numerous instances since the 15th General Election where opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) from PAS or Bersatu have faced criticism on social media for their inadequate apologies regarding their alleged mistakes.

The Menu Rahmah has been subjected to senseless attacks, government MPs have faced attempts at character assassination, and a politically charged video containing a song that angered an artist has been published.

The opposition MPs seem to be using the same template, say netizens, who point out that the ‘apologies’ are not sincere or truthful.

Yesterday (March 10), the Masjid Tanah MP Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin got into trouble with an artist Amir Jahari, the singer of the theme song of the film Imaginur, Hasrat.

The singer did not like the fact that the Srikandi Bersatu vice chairman used his song as background music for a video broadcast while in the Kuala Lumpur Court following the prosecution of the Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin case on Friday (March 9).

After the video went online, Amir’s former manager Joe Lee urged Mas Ermieyati in a tweet to immediately delete the song that was used without permission.

In her response, the MP went on a tirade in a speech, saying she will remove the song to replace it with that of Siti Nurhaliza whom she said would not be offended that her music is used for social media issues.

In response to Mas Ermayati’s ‘apology’, Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil in a tweet thread, said:

In English, he is saying this is not an apology.

In reply to the minister, user @McGarmott wrote:

Meanwhile, user @MichaelLwk said:

In what is another story of adding salt to the injury, the Twitter user is saying, “This is a case of theft of the artist’s property. If you don’t ask to borrow or use it, then that means theft, a leader who knows no shame and does not respect the people. This rule is the same on FB, YouTube, Twitter and other social media.”

Another blast against the MP is from this user @daddydon65:

This user said, “Lawyers and members of parliament do not know the Copyright Act (Amendment) 1997 which has been amended in parliament. MP  @emysamsudin has been such a nuisance from UMNO, moving onto Bersatu, she has become more arrogant.” — March 11, 2023


Main photo credit: The Malaysian Reserve

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