Criticism over tax grievances sparks debate between M40, T20 groups

A BATTLE is on between folks of various standards of living who are criticising each other over a post on the X platform that stated those in the M40 and T20 groups complain too much about taxation and insufficient pay.

X user @nabilahudatahar stirred a storm saying B40 citizens also pay tax despite the exemptions they are given but they end up without savings.

Much of the debate revolves around whether a B40 individual has to pay income tax.

The original poster said a person earning 2800 has to pay tax in Malaysia, but their life is not as good as those who earn 8000 salaries and who are still complaining.

Many users are asking the question of whether those earning RM2800 are really taxable.

According to various sources, anyone earning more than RM34,000 per annum (about RM2,833.33 per month) after EPF deductions will need to register as a taxpayer with a tax file.

Nevertheless, some users are debating how they spend their RM10,000 salary.

Netizen @kyonkusanagi argued that a person with an RM10,000 salary who has only RM3000 left at the end of the month is talking nonsense since these people are probably heavily indebted.

This comment received a whopping 977,000 views at the time of writing. Some users were prompted to show that it is not impossible for a person earning RM10,000 to end up with RM3000 net income at the end of the month.

According to user @fxwx, the calculations do check out because a person with a net salary of 7,936.15 with mortgages, car payments, food expenses, and so on, will have a balance of around RM3,336.15 monthly.


In the end, it shows that the standard of living in Malaysia is soaring. – Feb 10, 2024


Main photo credit: Bernama

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