Cromboloni craze in the Klang Valley pushes queuing time past six hours mark

THERE is an adage that ‘time is money’ but this simple maxim seems to have bypassed quite a few Malaysians. Specifically, those who are willing to queue up to six hours to sample a dessert that has been trending.

This was the scenario that greeted scores of hungry foodies who turned up at an outlet whose ‘cromboloni’ dessert had gone viral and was having a special promotion on the day.

X user @IrsyadAdanan was among those frustrated at the long wait and shared his grouses on the platform formerly known as Twitter. He was nonplussed that ‘personal shoppers’ were allowed in first and afforded VVIP treatment and were allowed unlimited purchases.

Meanwhile, the poster who claims to have been in line for hours was allowed to buy only two flavours. He uploaded a video showing a disgruntled patron arguing with the shop employee and said some had queued from 8.30am till 2.30pm just to sample the trending dessert.

He further shared some “advice” with the business owner.

His video has since been viewed over a million times. However, instead of generating support, it has sparked some negative comments about Malaysians willing to waste precious time just to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Some netizens simply said since the poster and others were foolish enough to stand in line for hours, then they deserve to be treated with contempt by the business owner.

Malaysians’ love of food is well-documented but this need to taste an item that is trending – no matter the cost (especially with regard to wasted hours) – is unbecoming and has to be curbed.

Surely there are better ways to spend one’s precious time and certainly other options available to satisfy those sweet tooth desires. – Jan 9, 2024

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