Cyberjaya offers great potential for property investors

PROPERTY investors looking for the next big thing are slowly drawn towards the immense potential of Cyberjaya. While not exactly a hidden gem, they are beginning to see the many benefits the area has to offer. Here are some attractions that make Cyberjaya a viable property investment: 

Lush greenery

Post-pandemic, more people are looking for developments that offer wide open spaces and lush surroundings for an active outdoor lifestyle. With almost 50% of the green spaces being reserved for this purpose, Cyberjaya has some of the lowest carbon emissions in the Klang Valley.

Central location

Many developments that boast such features are located further away from the Kuala Lumpur City Centre but this is not the case with Cyberjaya. Conveniently located between Kuala Lumpur city and emerging suburbs such as Bangi, Sepang and Dengkil, Cyberjaya is poised to become the central hub for this booming southern corridor. 

Large expat community

Initially designated as the nation’s IT hub, Cyberjaya is home to many tech MNCs that hire a large number of expatriate workers, thus boosting rental demand. This is further amplified by the presence of eight universities in the area, which comprise a large number of international students.

Well-planned development

For starters, the exemplary road system of Cyberjaya has few bottlenecks or congestion-inducing roundabouts. Many residential areas in Cyberjaya are fiber-optic-ready which is a key attraction for the younger residents.

edusphere, a development within Cyberjaya, has been attracting plenty of interest. A mixed-integrated development, it is part of HCK Capital Group’s education cities series, where each development is anchored by an education element.

The edusphere benefits from the University of Cyberjaya, which will bring a steady footfall of the hip and trendy into the development on a daily basis.

This not only bodes well for the retail and commercial units at edusphere but will greatly boost demand for the lifestyle units. For more information, please go to:   – Nov 5, 2023

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