Cyberview to further develop Cyberjaya with newly acquired 453.2-acre land

CYBERJAYA’s tech hub developer Cyberview Sdn Bhd recently took over the development rights of 453.2 acres of the Cyberjaya Flagship Zone (CFZ) land, inclusive of 10 buildings that resides within the area, in in accordance with the government mandate for the company to lead Cyberjaya’s development.

With the new land, Cyberview will focus on the development of three technology clusters within the Cyberjaya ecosystem, namely smart mobility, smart healthcare, and digital creative.

This is all part of Cyberview’s masterplan of positioning the city as the main catalyst in driving technology and innovation for Malaysia, as well as launching initiatives to attract more investment while cultivating research, development and commercialisation (R&D&C).


“We need to prioritise selected development plans, especially strategic initiatives to cultivate the entire value chains for smart mobility, smart healthcare, and digital creative services in Cyberjaya. Now with this additional land bank, coupled with our track record in land utilisation and successful implementation of government projects, we are confident that we will be able to carry out our efforts,” said Cyberview managing director Najib Ibrahim.

To date, around 50% of the company’s land banks are developed, while 23% have been sold for further development.

According to Najib, the development rights will also enable Cyberview to facilitate development of new data centres, which are currently on the uptick based on interests garnered from both local and international companies.

Previous owner of the now-CFZ land, Setia Haruman Sdn Bhd (SH) voiced its support towards Cyberview’s goals.

“We believe that Cyberview is in a better position and has the necessary resources to take Cyberjaya to greater heights. As SH still holds sizeable land bank in Cyberjaya, we look forward to continuing our efforts to complement the development of Cyberjaya,” he said. – Oct 2, 2021

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