DagangHalal partners Indonesia’s halal inspection agency to supercharge global halal ecosystem

IN A landmark move aimed at enhancing the global halal ecosystem, DagangAsia Network Holding Sdn Bhd, operator of DagangHalal.com which is one of the world’s largest B2B (business to business) halal e-marketplaces has unveiled a strategic collaboration with halal inspection agency PT Superintending Company of Indonesia (SUCOFINDO).

Accredited by the Indonesian Halal Product Assurance Organising Agency (BPJPH) to undertake product inspection nationally and internationally. SUCOFINDO is also a member of state-owned enterprise (BUMN) holding company called ID Survey which is engaged in inspection, certification, testing and consulting.

This pivotal partnership was unveiled at the SIAL Interfood Jakarta event yesterday (Nov 8). The collaboration will pave the way for a strengthened collaborative approach towards establishing a comprehensive global ecosystem encompassing halal audit, platform and export facilitation.

Malaysia halal manufacturers can now look forward to benefit from this partnership which seeks to amplify efforts in connecting them with Indonesia’s rapidly growing halal market and beyond.

Valued at an estimated US$2.1 tril in 2021, the halal F&B (food & beverage) industry which is on an upward trajectory is anticipated to surge to US$3.3 tril by 2028.

With Indonesia – home to over 230 million Muslims – being as a pivotal market, demand for authenticated halal products and services is ever-increasing. Against such background, DagangHalal’s strategic partnership with SUCOFINDO is primed to address and capitalise on this expansive market demand efficiently.

This initiative will serve as a robust platform to facilitate exportation of halal products from Indonesia to international markets. Additionally, it will provide indispensable support to Indonesian firms by assisting them to adhere to Indonesia’s halal requirements.

Moving forward, a comprehensive use of DagangHalal’s B2B e-marketplace and the Halal Internal Assurance System (HIAS) will guarantee a Halal Assurance System compliance, thus reinforcing trust among Muslim consumers worldwide.

With its vast network of 76 service points and 65 laboratories in Indonesia – and supported by more than 142 services – which include Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), ISO 22000 and Indonesia’s National Standard (SNI) for Product – SUCOFINDO offers a robust foundation for halal assessment and audit.

In partnership with DagangHalal which boasts over 4,300 suppliers from 85 countries and 13,000 registered buyers, the collaboration promises seamless integration of halal certification and market exposure.

“SUCOFINDO and DagangHalal shall work together to facilitate global manufacturers in obtaining Indonesian halal certification by ensuring compliance with the relevant regulations,” PT SUCOFINDO’s halal unit head Agus Suryanto pointed out.

“This partnership aims to support manufacturers in penetrating the Indonesian market by leveraging DagangHalal.com’s B2B e-marketplace and the credibility of a halal certificate, thus providing assurance to Muslim consumers with regard to halal status of products.”

Meanwhile, DagangHalal CEO Sam Hwang expressed his enthusiasm that the group’s partnership with SUCOFINDO reinforces its commitment to establishing a global halal compliance standard ecosystem.

“By integrating audit, platform and export facilitation, we are setting the stage for a holistic halal ecosystem that meets international standards and serves the global Muslim community,” he added. – Nov 9, 2023

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