“DAP must educate Tony Pua to be more civilised”

UMNO Damansara Division deputy chief Amin Mohd Shukor is of the opinion the DAP needs to educate Tony Pua to be more forward-thinking and intelligent before making statements that could undermine stability.

Amin added that all parties or individuals involved in the unity government team should play their respective roles appropriately if they want to be accepted by the people and voters.

“I feel that the cooperation of the unity government needs to be more clearly translated into prioritising the needs of the people compared to such cheap provocations which will invite instability in the team,” UMNO Online reported him as saying.

“The realistic need for stability is very important because it can translate into winning the confidence of the people and voters ahead of the upcoming state election (PRN).”

He also raised the question of whether Pua’s statement was deliberate or accidental as it exposes the underlying nature of DAP that may be hidden.

Another user attacked the DAP instead.

Meanwhile, user @farhanzulkefly noted that DAP did well in distancing itself from Tony’s statement.

“Just when Perikatan Nasional wants to play on the perception that DAP is in a row with Barisan Nasional, Anthony Loke Siew Fook killed it. DAP’s number one leader distanced himself from Tony Pua’s statement.” – June 24, 2023


Main photo credit: Malaysia Gazette

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