“DAP saved UMNO,” Nazri advocates collab with PH, highlights Perak as example

FORMER UMNO supreme council member Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz has urged party members to reconsider their stance on collaboration with other political parties and emphasised the importance of strategic alliances in the upcoming 16th General Election (GE16).

The former Padang Rengas MP who remains committed to a non-extremist approach also cautioned against blindly pursuing a return to Malay-centric support, asserting that UMNO’s success lies in practical political strategies.

He also pointed out that aligning with PAS and Bersatu with the intention of forming a strong Malay-centric bloc might not yield the desired results.

“If UMNO members think that by joining forces with PAS and Bersatu, we will become a dominant Malay party, they are mistaken. When the time for GE16 comes, UMNO might end up as the third party.”

Highlighting the need for a careful seat allocation strategy, the leader suggested that partnering with Pakatan Harapan (PH) could be more advantageous.

“UMNO should consider collaborating with PH because, in the upcoming elections, at least in places like Padang Rengas, we stand a chance. In Padang Rengas, UMNO is currently the second-largest party in both parliamentary and state seats,” added Nazri.

Nazri Aziz (left) and Anwar’s political secretary Shamsul Iskandar Akin (right).


Moreover, he also noted the importance of winning seats rather than pursuing an exclusive Malay-centric narrative.

“UMNO needs to think strategically and not be too eager to align with PAS and Bersatu. We must use our brains and not be overly enthusiastic about becoming a Malay-centric party.”

Addressing concerns about potential threats to Malay interests, the leader argued that collaboration with PH could actually benefit UMNO. “UMNO stands to gain by aligning with PH because we have the opportunity to win back the three seats we lost. It’s about winning seats, which is more crucial in politics.”

In a surprising turn, Nazri highlighted the role of DAP in Perak as an example of cooperation that benefited UMNO.

“In Perak, DAP saved UMNO by supporting us. DAP played a crucial role in saving UMNO’s seats and today, it is a fact that DAP is the one safeguarding UMNO in Perak,” he claimed.

“Let’s not be emotional. In politics, winning seats is more important. We need to think and analyse carefully before making decisions that will shape our political future.” – Jan 12, 2023

Main photo credit: KiniTV

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