DAP’s local election proposal: Between party agenda and national stability

Letter to Editor

THE proposal by the Federal Territory DAP Chairman Tan Kok Wai to revive local authority elections (PBT) has sparked controversy across the nation.

This move, seen as reflecting more of the DAP’s agenda than the actual aspirations of the Chinese and Indian communities, has raised deep concerns about the social and political harmony of the country.

The proposal, contrary to changes made post-independence to reflect the unique identity of the nation, is now a hot topic as it could disrupt the balance and harmony among the multi-ethnic and multi-religious population.

This raises fears of radical changes that do not take into account Malaysia’s socio-political context.

The shift towards local elections, adapted post-independence to mirror Malaysia’s unique identity, now raises questions about its suitability with the long-established structures and values of Malaysian society.

This is because the proposal could affect the balance and harmony among the nation’s multi-ethnic and religious population.

DAP’s campaign to revive this system in Kuala Lumpur is seen as challenging long-established decisions in Malaysian society and further represents the ideology of the party rather than the needs or desires of the overall Chinese and Indian communities.

The proposal is criticised as needing to be urgently rejected to preserve the overall interests of the Malaysian people.

The primary concern is that this proposal could threaten the special position of Islam and the Malay people as enshrined in Article 3 of the Federal Constitution, and disrupt the ethnic balance and harmony long established in the country.

The proposal is seen as prioritizing party aspirations over national interests.

Reintroducing the PBT election system, rooted in British colonial tradition, is considered unsuitable for the current socio-political reality of Malaysia. DAP’s assurances of equal opportunities for all communities in the PBT elections are deemed insufficient to address the larger concerns about potential division and instability.

Therefore, DAP’s proposal for PBT elections must be rejected and not considered at all. Preserving social harmony, political stability, and respecting the Constitution must be a priority.

Every change must be carefully measured to ensure it supports Malaysia’s best interests, not just the political agenda of a party. This is important to maintain the social integrity and unity that has been Malaysia’s strength. – Dec 20, 2023


Mahathir Hj Mohd Rais is the Perikatan Nasional Federal Territories information chief.

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.


Main pic credit: Malaysiaaktif

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