DarSa Fried Chicken in catch-22 situation as netizens unconvinced by its “Type C” racial slur apology

MOST new businesses would love to have their brand go viral with plenty of people talking about their new venture.

However, in the case of the newly minted DarSa Fried Chicken, its proprietors must wish it was the complete opposite. The fast-food restaurant is under the spotlight after an administrator made a purportedly racist remark on its social media page.

This was first highlighted by Rawang state assemblyman Chua Wei Kiat who expressed disappointment on his Facebook page at the outlet’s use of racist language.

The second-term Pakatan Harapan (PH) representative from PKR had planned on visiting the outlet to support a new local business but hinted that he may be unwelcomed in view of the “Type C” issue.

Meanwhile, Seputeh MP Teresa Kok Suh Sim attempted to diffuse the situation by calling for “cool heads” to prevail while advising citizens against boycotting DarSa Fried Chicken.

The DAP vice-chairman justified that “an eye for an eye retaliation would make Malaysian blind”, alluding to the current climate of boycott tied to 3R (race, religion and royalty) issues.

Amid the storm, DarSa Fried Chicken has issued a media statement today (May 8) thanking customers for their faith in its product while stating that its management will do its best to address the long wait and review its product pricing.

In the statement that was signed off by its managing director Mohammad Faiz Zuhdi Azahar, the 100% Bumiputera-owned business further pledged that its social media administrator would be more sensitive and careful in the future when replying to its customers.

Prior to this, DarSa Freid Chicken has also issued an apology over the “Type C” matter, claiming it welcomed customers of all races and backgrounds.

However, this “apology” did not go down well with some netizens who felt it was half-hearted and a thinly-disguised attempt to shift blame. These are some of the comments on Meanwhile in Malaysia Facebook forum over the statement.

Quite a few reckoned the apology will have little impact as the mistake has inadvertently painted DarSA Fried Chicken as a racist entity undeserving of Malaysians’ support regardless of what the Seputeh MP has said.

One netizen even went to the extent of using charging cables to equate the three main races in Malaysia, notably Type C cable for the Chinese, Micro USB cable (Malay) and iPhone Lightning cable (Indian).

Some even felt that the admin’s comment was a true reflection of those running DarSa Fried Chicken which is not great news for a budding new enterprise seeking to establish itself in a cutthroat business environment.

Good luck to DarSa Fried Chicken in trying to turn things around as it would have already seen the power of consumers with the on-going boycotts – whether pro-Palestinian or otherwise.

The start-up business will now have to navigate through choppy waters with many Malaysians perceiving it – rightly or wrongly – as a business run by “entrepreneurs” who are selective with their clientele.

One netizen summed up the fall-out best with a simple declaration. – May 8, 2024

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