De Fam’s popular local Raya tune “Alamak Raya Lagi” finds its way to Nippon via social media

THE Raya vibe is alive and strong … all the way in Nippon!

A loveable and all-too-cute video of three young Japanese girls miming to popular Hari Raya tune “Alamak Raya Lagi” has netizens in awe of the trio’s brilliantly on-point performance.

The festive ditty by all-girl group De Fam has already hit 16.8 million views on YouTube at the time of writing but to have it reach an international audience – more specifically to reach Japanese shores – still surprised the group.

Band member Azira Shafiraz explained that the track was supposed to have been released in 2022 but got pushed back due to unforeseen circumstances.

She is pleasantly surprised by the positive reaction the tune has generated and hopes it can achieve 20 million hits while acknowledging that the video from the Japanese trio was a great boost for the band.

There has been plenty of reaction from across the web. This is but a tiny sample of what is being said.

The Japanese group in the video has been identified as Avantegardey which coincidentally wowed audiences in a previous season of talent show America’s Got Talent.

Few pointed out that the track was going viral in various territories, including current centre of the bubble-gum pop universe – South Korea.

With the exclamation word alamak – which is used in situations when one is shocked or surprised by something or an event – apparently entering the local vocabulary in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Some predicted this to be the start of an impending M-pop explosion.

One netizen took the opportunity to highlight the importance of language as a unifying force with a clever meme.

And why not? If the plastic pop personalities of K-pop can conquer the world, there is no reason why Malaysian acts cannot do similar.

This tune is another feelgood reason for citizens to be proud of their Malaysian roots. It may be fun and superficial but such fame is surely preferable to those who use divisive ‘3R’ tactics to gain notoriety.

Go De Fam … And Avantegardey has just put you on world map!!! – April 18, 2024


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