Debate raging online over teacher spreading hatred towards PMX in classroom

THE country was reeling from the incident wrongly linked to Palestine Solidarity Week when an X user posted a rather disturbing comment on what is happening in some classrooms in some local religious Islamic schools.

Netizen @AmAhmd24 said his sibling came back this week to spend the night, but as soon as the latter arrived, there were complaints about a teacher at the school who was spreading hatred towards Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in his or her class.

(My younger sibling stayed overnight at home this week. When they came back from the hostel, they immediately complained to me that their school teacher is spreading hatred towards Prime Minister (PM) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.)

This started a riot on the X platform with pro-Pakatan Harapan (PH) and of course, those who are against the current government sharing their views.

The original post garnered almost 400,000 views at the time of writing, showing how important the issue was to internet users.

Nevertheless, the user added that among the things that the teacher says in class to the students is, “Today become government, tomorrow the oil price will go down.

“That’s not it, (the teacher) blames Anwar for the ‘Takbir’ chanting issue.”

Last week, at a pro-Palestine rally in Kuala Lumpur, some protestors were asked not to shout the Islamic saying of ‘Takbir’ which is a call to chant ‘God is Great’ in Arabic. However, the government of Anwar was blamed by opponents who said this was an attempt to diminish the role of Islam in the country.

Earlier last week, the PM’s daughter Nurul Izzah Anwar who was officiating at the Palestine event, said the ‘Takbir’ during her speech with wide responses from the crowd.

Some X users are pressing the original poster to make police reports against the teacher, while others are asking them to file a report with the Education Ministry.

Other users tagged the Education Minister Fadlina Sidek to take immediate action against such teachers. But so far, we have not seen any response from the minister or the ministry.

(Don’t consider this matter trivial; there are thousands of teachers in schools who, even though they are supposed to educate young minds, are poisoning them with hatred towards the government.

(Even in universities like UiTM, there are similar nests of such individuals. They are hypocrites and are like a thorn in the flesh. The consequences will be evident in the 16th General Election if nothing is done about it.)

Meanwhile, user @ExHeisenberg asked:

(Who started the extreme hatred towards the government and the previous PMs? His name is Anwar bin Ibrahim, who never stopped demonstrating and sowing discord. Don’t be surprised, Allah SWT gives people what they deserve.) – Oct 29, 2023


Main photo credit: PMO

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