“Delay in unveiling Cabinet is Anwar’s first failure as PM,” says PAS man

A PAS leader has branded Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s delay in unveiling his Cabinet as his first failure as prime minister.  

PAS central committee member Dr Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki questioned how the Government would face possibility of floods with prolonged torrential rain expected over the coming week without having a “complete” administration.  

“As is the Government’s usual practice in these situations, emergency funds would be released for rescue missions and as aid to flood victims. But how would these funds be managed if the ministry in-charge of flood-related agencies does not exist yet?” he said in a Facebook post.  

He further questioned how the government would make critical decisions during disasters if the relevant members of the Cabinet have yet to be appointed, adding that it would be inappropriate for the prime minister to be the sole decision-maker in such situations.  

“PH was outspoken in opposing holding the general election [during the year-end] due to possible floods. Now floods could be happening soon but the prime minister has yet to prepare his machinery,” Mohd Zuhdi commented. 

“On top of that, Anwar’s delay in forming his administration could also delay the tabling of Budget 2023. What will happen to the country and the people if the budget for 2023 cannot be approved on time? 

“It is obvious that Anwar has been very slow in naming his Cabinet despite the urgency of the situation. What’s clear is that he has been busy with his social activities rather than promptly activating his administration’s ministry. 

“In just one week, [Anwar] has suffered his first failure [as prime minister].”  

It has been reported that Anwar had spent around 50 minutes with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong this morning. 

The Prime Minister’s Office also confirmed that the prime minister is expected to unveil his Cabinet line-up this evening. – Dec 2, 2022 


Main photo credit: Malaysiakini

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