Did Tun M cause the recent exodus in Bersatu?

ACTING as a Trojan horse, former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad may have caused the collapse of the Bersatu and the current rifts within the Perikatan Nasional (PN), according to several posts on the X platform.

Whether these assertions are true or not, netizens are having a field day with Dr Mahathir on the social media platform.

Some users are saying Dr Mahathir “sneaked into PN through PAS to destroy the coalition from within. Trojan horse.”

While the user @ybperpaduan did not provide any further details, other users are expanding on the assumptions.

For some, PN is paying the price of its betrayal of the voters in 2020 when they helped the Bersatu MPs jump ship and form a backdoor government and they added that Dr Mahathir used PN recently through the PAS to gain support for his agendas.

Another user said this was the power of Dr Mahathir. He can break parties and alliances, as we have seen in a long history of politics.

Many of the users who responded to the post seem to have learned how to be sarcastic like the mentor Dr Mahathir. They twist and turn saying Dr Mahathir is the real ‘negarawan’ and that in the end, he is helping Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the unity government.

The point they are making is that Bersatu is weakened with its MPs leaving to offer support to the PM and that Dr Mahathir has in a way, accelerated the exodus.

Here are some comments from the X users: – Jan 28, 2023



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