Digitalisation is the way forward for businesses, public service

THE Malaysian civil service and business community must embrace digitalisation in order to increase productivity and rejuvenate the economy post COVID-19.

“The Government has introduced various initiatives to strengthen our digital economy sector under the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDigital), to ensure 22.6% of our gross domestic product (GDP) comes from that area.

“Not only will the digital economy sector hasten our economic recovery but also transform the nation completely, like other developed nations,” said Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) director general Datuk Abdul Latif Abu Seman said in a statement.

Therefore, he urged the business community to invest in digital technology, either through software development, hardware or cybersecurity to support their business model.

“And it should be focused on increasing employees’ and the organisation’s productivity as a whole,” Latif stressed.

As for Government services, he said that services such as licensing and guidelines to ease public delivery system to the business community and masses should be digitalised.

Latiff added that this could be done by producing videos on multiple platforms for public delivery and make it accessible to the masses.

“What I am saying is also supported by the Special Cabinet Committee on Anti-Corruption, to ensure transparency.

“In a nutshell, everyone should equip themselves with the knowledge and skills of digital technology, as the future demands it,” Latif remarked. – March 6, 2021.

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