Disgusted netizens haul brickbats at Malaysian cops for turning into robbers and rapists

NEWS report over the arrest of two policemen on suspicion of involvement in the robbery and rape of a teenage Uzbek girl in a police patrol vehicle in Bukit Ampang on Tuesday (Jan 9) evening have received immense backlash on numerous social media platforms.

Angered and disgusted, netizen dil (@aiidielh) and Error404 (@ImAmVirgin) slammed the police force for hiring “Mat Rempit” (slang for notorious street racer) or even “budak kelas belakang” (pupils who have no interest in studying) to be a member of the force.

“Do the police want to uphold justice or become criminals? You can only choose one but not both. Knocking down a schoolboy (to his death), robbery, rape, stealing money during Ops Jalan Silang. These are all the work associated with criminals,” berated Dildo Baggins (@dildo_baggins77).

For context, two police reports on the above incident had been lodged by a man and woman, both of whom are college students, according to Selangor police chief Comm Datuk Hussein Omar Khan.

“In the incident which occurred at 10.09pm on Tuesday (Jan 9) at Bukit Ampang View, the duo were stopped by the two men in uniform. Both suspects then separated both victims and took them to different locations,” he noted in a statement yesterday (Jan 11).

One of the suspects allegedly raped the woman while the other took the male victim to a bank to withdraw money to pay both suspects (supposedly bribery for a traffic offence).

“Following the incident, a team of policemen from the Ampang Jaya police headquarters arrested both suspects. They have been remanded for seven days,” added Hussein.

A confused BUDIT🇲🇾 | Little Monster🐾(@BuditArtpop) wondered if insufficient measure is taken to filter the right candidates during the hiring process while Fitri (@fitriazmann) lamented that Malaysian cops are no better than their counterparts in India “who are renowned for raping”.

“I’m sure there are more similar of extreme extortions. No wonder cops are in stark opposition against the setting up of IPCMC (Independent Police Conduct Commission),” opined insignificant pleb (@Ahchat_5991).

Netizen @Manbarai1 expressed concern that Malaysia’s reputation is at stake as the incident involved a foreign national.

But perhaps the best advice-cum-reminder comes from hasreen 🇵🇸 (@amrlhsrn): – Jan 13, 2024

Main pic credit: Bernama

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