Display of cigarette boxes infuriates a group of non-smokers

AFTER the alcohol ban proposal that got a lot of reactions on social media, netizens are now ganging against the display of cigarette boxes in convenience stores.

Last week, some netizens suggested that alcohol products displayed in shops visited by Muslims and non-Muslim citizens should be covered with black cloth.

However, a netizen stated that if alcohol is to be covered with black cloth, so should cigarettes.

User @chairman_GLC meant that cigarettes are stressful to look at for non-smokers and they should be covered with black cloth.

Meanwhile, Twitter user @asrafkaizen stated:

“Rokok dah difatwakan haram kat Malaysia. Patutnya duduk kat seksyen non-halal kt supermarket, sama mcm arak Tutup dengan kain hitam is a good start.”

In lieu, he stated that cigarettes are classified as “haram” for Muslims in Malaysia.

He elaborated that tobacco products should be placed in the non-Halal sections of supermarkets.

Furthermore, he agreed with the statement about covering cigarettes with black cloth.

Another netizen @jauharijahar said:

He stated that in Norway, cigarettes are legal products but stores like 7-Eleven are not allowed to display the products.

When a person is interested in purchasing a box of cigarettes, they’d need to mention the type and brand that they prefer. The boxes are placed under the table and the packaging has no branding written on it. — Jan 15, 2023

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