Diva AA in flashing red clothing, among the first to cast vote in Hulu Kelang

CONTROVERSIAL celebrity Mohamed Azwan Ali, affectionately known as Diva AA, made a bold appearance in a striking red outfit at the SK Klang Gate polling centre on Saturday (Aug 12) morning in Hulu Kelang, where his brother Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali is running for office.

Taking his place among the first voters at the school, he playfully teased the media, hinting that while his vote is confidential, it’s not a secret for the journalists. He further revealed that his choice for the elections was reflected in his attire, leaving a visual clue for his stance.Initially, he expressed his disdain for politics and his reluctance to vote however, he later reconsidered, recognising the continued significance of his vote.

“You have to write that. Because I gave up. Dislike… dislike… dislike,” he said, showing the thumbs-down sign repeatedly.

“You know the politics of the country… all (deleted) and nonsense. The value of one vote is too great to waste. It’s not a matter of the candidate winning or losing… the issue is that we fulfil our duty as citizens,” he said, urging the media to encourage all citizens to come out and vote.On the former economy minister being a candidate at Hulu Kelang, he said it was time for the latter to do so after being ‘somebody’ for a long time.“Surprisingly, this is his first time standing in Hulu Kelang after years of being ‘somebody’. But that’s his business,” stated Diva AA.Last year, Diva AA wanted to be a candidate in the 15th General Election (GE15) but pulled out of the race, saying he made the decision after his mother came to him in a dream, advising him to not contest.

“Mak Tom came to my dream. She told me not to contest,” Azwan told reporters at the Sungai Pusu nomination centre at SMK Sungai Pusu in Gombak, Saturday.

He added that there were other reasons why he didn’t contest.

“The diva does not care about who the other candidates are,” he said, giving an interview to reporters while still seated on a motorcycle. – Aug 12, 2023


Main photo credit: The Star

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