“Do not donate to the Gov’t”: Netizens continue to pan Gov’t for poor flood management

MALAYSIANS continue to express their frustration and anger over the Government’s poor response to the flood crisis that hit many parts of the Klang Valley last weekend as well as certain politicians’ exploitation of the disaster for publicity, this time by urging the public to not donate to government agencies. 

The “Do Not Donate to Government” hashtag which currently trends on social media saw netizens expressing their disagreement with the Government collecting donations from the public to be channeled to flood victims. 

Instead, donors were urged to contribute directly to non-governmental organisations (NGOs). 

User @BujalismReality, for example, said: 

(This is why I say to not donate to Government agencies. Your donation will later be used to print people’s faces on boxes. They will then need time for printers to finish printing and aid will further be delayed. It will be like the previous COVID-19 meal packages – they tell you it’s worth RM100 when in reality it’s worth only RM30. When it comes to robbery they are number one.) 

Similarly, user @MansorZill recalled how the politician that came to ‘visit’ after the Alor Merah flood back in 2010 had donated goods that were close to their expiry dates and how his face and party logo were printed on the boxes. 

Meanwhile, user @yusurisan’s message simply said: “Donate to the needy, not to the greedy.” 


Campaign not appropriate, says minister 

The “Do Not Donate to Government” campaign has caught the attention of none other than Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rina Mohd Harun, who called the campaign inappropriate as the country is now dealing with a disaster. 

According to Rina, the priority is to ensure that all resources are utilised to help the flood victims and that the funds would reach the target groups. 

“The money we raise (through disaster relief fund) will be given to the people,” she told reporters after visiting the flood relief centre (PPS) at Sekolah Kebangsaan Kota Warisan here on Thursday (Dec 23). 

“In situations like now, there is no need for such hashtags. Doesn’t matter who is doing it (raising money) as long as the recipients benefit and our aims are achieved.” 

Netizens were quick to criticise Rina, with many opining that the Government should not be asking for donations from the people since the rakyat is already paying taxes. 

Meanwhile, user @SyazanaMI said: 

(It’s my money and I give and donate my money to anyone I want. Just as long as I don’t give it to you, and not to your minister friends or politicians like you and certainly not to your government. What is your problem @RinaMohdHarun?) 

Similarly, user @mdazrinmdazri pointed out that the #DoNotDonateToGovernment campaign is justified as it reflects the rakyat’s faith in the government and the leadership of the ministers, which is at 0/100. – Dec 24, 2021 


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