“Do some self-reflection in your old age instead of simply hurling accusations,” Fahmi tells Dr M

GOVERNMENT spokesperson Fahmi Fadzil said it would be wise for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to engage in self-reflection in his old age.

This is after the former premier had dared Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to call for an election to test his support among Malaysians, saying that Anwar only became prime minister by default instead of through a big majority in the general election.

Fahmi, who is also the Communications Minister, said it would be wise for Dr Mahathir to do some soul-searching especially after his defeat in Langkawi during the 15th General Election which had led to him losing his deposit. Anwar, meanwhile, went on to win the Tambun parliamentary seat.

“So, I suggest, as a statesman, he should practise some self-reflection in these twilight days (of his). We should leave behind a good legacy instead of just fearmongering and spreading stories like this,” he told reporters after launching the Rahmah p-hailing data plan package.

Yesterday (Jan 222), Dr Mahathir claimed that his former deputy was abusing his power by getting the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate his political rivals and influencing the judiciary to let his allies off the hook.

The 98-year-old politician said he himself had never resorted to such measures in his over two decades in power.

Dr Mahathir’s accusations had come about after his son Datuk Mirzan Mahathir and closest ally former finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin were investigated by the MACC.

To this, Fahmi said Dr Mahathir appeared to have created such a scenario in his own mind, as the government did not meddle in MACC investigations.

“The MACC is free to conduct any investigation it deems appropriate and Anwar has repeatedly said… MACC (is free of government interference),” he asserted.

“If he (Dr Mahathir) thinks the investigation is (motivated by) vengeance, then I think he has made it all up… because as Anwar said before, there is nothing personal about this.

“When it involves the rakyat’s money and property, the (authorities have) the right to examine the matter and it doesn’t apply to an individual or just one group. It applies to all.”

Anwar was appointed Malaysia’s 10th prime minister on Nov 24, 2022, after GE15 resulted in a hung Parliament.

Mahathir was among the 369 candidates who lost their deposits after securing less than one-eighth of the votes. – Jan 24, 2024

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