“Do you think your family is safe?”: Mentega Terbang director hit with death threat

THE crew members of the controversial movie “Mentega Terbang” is said to be living in fear following a series of death threats that have been made against the film’s director Khairi Anwar Jailani.

The 105-minute short film had recently received belated backlash for the wrong reasons after netizens had accused it of going against the Islamic creed.

“You and your family must die”, read one of the messages left behind at Khairi’s house in Selangor, while his car was also splashed with paint and acid.

This was shared by South China Morning Post journalist Amer Hadi Azmi, who further revealed images of a red Proton Saga and a white Toyota Vios splashed with paint and acid.

Other notes found in his residence read: “Islam pasti bangkit! #MentegaTerbang” (Islam will rise up! #MentegaTerbang); “Mentega Terbang, jangan cabar Islam” (Mentega Terbang, don’t challenge Islam); “Ingat family selamat Mentega Terbang?” (Do you think you family is safe, Mentega Terbang?) and “Tgk lu punya langsi Mentega Terbang” (Look at your arrogance Mentega Terbang).

In his police report sighted by Malaysiakini, the 31-year-old director mentioned that actor Arjun Thanaraju’s car was also splashed with red paint and acid at the latter’s residence in Ampang.

In addition to having his car splashed with paint, Arjun also discovered slips of paper bearing the words “You die Mentega Terbang” and “Consequences! Mentega Terbang”, reported The Vibes.

The attacks come in the wake of police recording statements from the movie’s producer and six actors.

The film, which had aired on the streaming service Viu before it was taken down, tells the story of 15-year-old Aishah as she grapples with questions about life after death in various religions after her mother is diagnosed with cancer. – March 16, 2023

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