Does leaving your clothes to dry outside decrease your condo value?

IN Malaysia, it is fairly common to see residents hanging their clothes to dry from their balconies. Furthermore, the same is also done in Singapore.However, this was the subject of a debate on Twitter where some users stated that hanging one’s clothes to dry from the balconies will reduce the property’s value and will also affect those investing in these units.

According to a Twitter user, the Strata Act 2013 states that this act is no longer permitted. In addition to this, the user adds that most condos would typically have a yard area and there would be space for a dryer. She suggests that condo residents should use these facilities to help increase property value.However, she received backlash from netizens. Twitter user @BerniceWrites stated:

Meanwhile, user @bytebot responded with:

It appears that netizens are also angry at the fact that the current laws seem to protect developers more than consumers.Furthermore, as one netizen mentioned, the building codes are not followed. According to PropertyGuru, there are more than 100 developers that are blacklisted.The blacklist serves as a warning to customers about developers who have failed to obtain a construction licence, which may explain the inadequate drying space in some buildings. However, some individuals are questioning the logic behind prohibiting residents from hanging their laundry on their balconies.Moreover, Twitter user @grandiloquus added:

Furthermore, user @chanshoesinsole said:

She said that she does not care whether property values are going up or down when it comes to this situation.As the other netizens complained, she too states that there is a lack of drying spaces in these new condominiums. — May 7, 2023


Main photo credit: Twitter

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