Does our PM need to show off status with Mercedes Benz S600 or Lexus MPV?

VETERAN journalist and blogger Datuk A. Kadir Jasin recently took a swipe at former prime minister (PM) Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin for his obsession with luxurious car as his official vehicle during his short-lived tenure of 17 months (March 2020 to July 2021).

He went on to probe whose idea was it to purchase a Mercedes Benz S600 for the use of the PM which he deemed as “a story suited for Third World dictators and despots”.

Citing a Facebook post by Muhyiddin’s right-hand man at that time, Datuk Dr Marzuki Mohamad, it could be established that the Perikatan Nasional (PN) chairman was given two choices of official cars: the MPV Lexus or the Mercedes S600.

Datuk A. Kadir Jasin

“The price of both (cars) was simply too expensive; the last minute of TS Muhyiddin to the PM’s Department is for the price to be reviewed and re-negotiated. Final approval must be made by the Finance Ministry,” Marzuki further revealed.

This led to Kadir contending that Muhyiddin “agreed with the proposal but wanted the price to be reduced”.

“The question is who gave Muhyiddin the two choices of super luxury cars? The Chief Secretary to the Government or the PM’s Department himself?” asked the former Bersatu supreme council member in a recent Facebook post.

“It doesn’t matter who the individual is but the capo di tutti i capi (Italian slang for ‘boss of all bosses’) at that time was Muhyiddin. If one were to follow the normal quoted price, the proposed Mercedes car is close to RM700,000 while the Lexus MPV is RM1.14 mil.”

On this note, Kadir expressed hope that newly minted PM Datuk Seri Anwar is not “car crazy”.

“He can buy a new car to replace the discontinued Proton Perdana. But don’t be like some despots who let the common people remain in abject poverty while they themselves are being paraded upstream and downstream in a Mercedes Maybach”.

Thankfully, Anwar had on Nov 27 penned in his Facebook post that he has refused to use the Mercedes-Benz S600 type vehicle that was purchased and obtained by the PM’s Department before he assumed office.

The Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman has subsequently cancelled the order for the ultra-luxurious vehicle “made by a former PM”. – Dec 25, 2022

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