Doing your part to help Malaysia’s economic crisis

AS the country continues to struggle through its economic crisis, the people need to start asking themselves: “What can I do, as an individual or collectively, to help solve this problem? ”

I believe it is time we need to help the federal government as the solution and mobilise the grassroots of this nation to bring about the economic change that is desperately needs.

Here are the steps I believe will solve this crisis by each of us doing our part to work together on this on a personal, community, local, and national level.

A new national plan

The first call for an economic recovery plan for our citizens is to begin immediately. The plan would be for every citizen to get his or her personal house in order as quickly as possible. Throughout our history, we have shown that when leaders have called upon and trusted in the power and capacity of the voluntary efforts of our people, we have risen to the challenge.

We should be prepared if we must endure another coming financial crisis. We must show the world that what holds us together is not a political system, as great as it may be; it is not capitalism, as great as it may be; nor is it even the democracy that has made this nation great.

Become culture contrarians

Ask for the citizens to show the way for the change we need. We have to reverse the sense of order in our nation. Our citizens must take the lead instead of relying on the federal or state government.

We must work together to save our nation. We should look into the initiatives to support measures that create accountability to get our federal, state, and local governments fiscally responsible and accountable.

The citizens as a whole should inculcate the spirit of thrift and wise spending and saving for rainy days.

A call for non-governmental solutions for those in need

The business community should develop programmes that could help the real backbone of this culture: the work force. Reward your employees who want out of the financial trap they are in, directly or indirectly. Offer assistance to create small business activities to spur the economy.

Fellow citizens must also seize the opportunity to help one another regardless of race, religion and creed. Offer flexible schedules for the work-at-home parents.

Have an assistance plan for those who to live on a budget and make necessary lifestyle changes. Have daily community sharing days where everyone brings their meals to be shared (potlucks), shares rides, and reduces wasteful spending

Continue with the distribution of food to the needy. Reward those who have new ideas and ways to help improve the financial health of the company or its employees and community. Encourage helping others in the company and community and reward those who take initiative to do that. Volunteer your time and resources to the NGOs that focus on helping the hurting, needy and poor.

The power of helping each other

We must call for a renewed purpose for neighbors and community service groups to find out how they can innovatively help those looking for food in their communities by aiding the Government to come up with creative solutions that complement current initiatives that have already been announced.

Many people simply need someone to help them see through the pressure and stress they face. Mobilise volunteers who have the capacity to help, coach and counsel others in their time of need.

Knock on a neighbor’s door and ask if you can be of any help. Start a local food bank in your community with shopping outlets doing their part in kind or in deed. Donate to the needy as you can. Make available of financial literacy programs in the social media.

Set up assistance programs among professional associations that rewards being wise with money. Make living within your means the expected culture in your groups. Religious leaders, doctors, lawyers, motorists, traders, car dealers, counselors, retired people, educators, and many more all have large associations that can mobilise people to help others.

Make it a goal that your association will implement a new plan to educate those who struggle with financial issues and need a helping hand to those who are struggling to survive another day without food or basic needs. – April 10, 2021


Johnny Moi is a freelance writer and editor.

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.

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