“Don’t make mosques, suraus domain for political propaganda,” warns Selangor ruler

SELANGOR ruler Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has issued a stern warning to politicians to not use mosques and suraus to campaign in the lead-up to the state polls which are expected to take place in July this year.

He said mosques and suraus in Selangor should be kept free from politics or any elements that could compromise the unity and harmony of Muslims.

As such, he has instructed the state’s Islamic Religious Council (MAIS) and the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) to monitor mosques and suraus in the state and prevent the organisation of any activities with political propaganda ahead of the state elections.

“Keep in mind that the behaviour of politicians during the campaigning period will be witnessed and judged by the people before they make a decision (vote),” he said in his address at the opening of the first meeting of the sixth session of the Selangor state legislative assembly today.

He said mosques and suraus should not be the source of arguments and disputes that end up dividing Muslims because of political differences and revenge.

“This happens when certain people take the opportunity to insult, slander and even accuse certain individuals and groups for political reasons when delivering sermons at mosques and suraus,” he remarked.

“I am worried that this kind of culture, if not curbed, will continue to divide the Muslims, especially the Malays.” – March 13, 2023


Main pic credit: Bernama

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