Dr Akmal’s Hari Raya cash gifts to police stir controversy, debate

RECENTLY in the spotlight for the KK Mart socks issue, UMNO Youth chief Dr Akmal Saleh is now giving police officers money, saying it isn’t bribery but a Hari Raya gift.

Social media users were not entirely happy with this idea but opinions seem divided on whether it is okay to give such handouts in public or not, with some saying it is corruption.

Meanwhile, the receiving of duit raya, or ang pow, is wrong, whether given over or under the counter to police personnel, said senior lawyer SN Nair who was a former senior police officer.

He told a local portal that Dr Akmal had put the affected personnel in a difficult position by handing out duit raya to police personnel in Jasin, Melaka, recently.

He also said that the officers would rather not hurt him by publicly refusing the gesture, especially since he is an assemblyman.

“Akmal being an elected representative should have been sensitive when dealing with the police personnel. I feel very bad for the hardworking cops who were put to such scrutiny because of his obvious political agenda.

“If he is as altruistic as he claims, he should make generous contributions to the police welfare funds.”

Nevertheless, Akmal maintains that giving less than RM100 in “duit raya” isn’t an offence under anti-corruption laws. While a viral video attracted criticism, he remains undeterred.

However, it appears that some users are agreeing with the political figurehead. They state that during the holy month of Ramadan, it is encouraged for the Malays to give out cash for charity. They added that giving out cash to others is generally a cultural thing rather than corruption.

On the other hand, other users are very upset at his statement citing that he caused a ruckus with the socks issue and now giving money just like that is not corruption.

One user said giving alms to high-ranking officers is not ‘zakat’ which is to be given to low-ranking officers, for example.

Users are accusing his political party of being corrupt. – March 30, 2024

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