Drag comedian Kumar “wetted” the insatiable appetite of tens of thousands of fans at Kumarsutra

RENOWNED international drag comedian Kumar has once again set the stage fiery hot with juicy jokes on the subject that many will talk about yet taboo to some conservatives – “sex”.

The “Kumarsutra: Greatest Hits” stand-up comedy by Kumar whetted the insatiable appetite of tens of thousands of fans in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru with a whole lot of “Kumarsutra” jokes.

As a huge fan of Kumar, I was all excited to get a ticket to watch the gig at the Mega Arena Star in Kuala Lumpur recently.

It has been 30 years since I first saw Kumar doing his live show at Boom Boom Singapore yet the Kumar I saw in “Kumarsutra” was still able to carry that sharp-tongued, quick wit and laughter which made him the undisputed Asia’s King of Comedy… or Queen!

The show kicked off with comedian Prakash Daniel taking a jab at the Chinese and Indian behaviour in Chinese wedding as well as his mother’s habit.

But the real deal came when Kumar appeared. Dressed in stunning colourful costume, he incredibly set the stage on fire with an awesome Bollywood dance.

As a little warm-up, Kumar flirted with the audience, encouraging them to support Asian talents instead of Western talents while persuading them to pay more to take up the front seats.

He even took a jab on Singaporean air stewardesses as well as the Filipinos who ate so much pork until they farted like swine.

Best has yet to come

The funny part was about his auntie who accused Kumar’s Filipino maid of stealing one of her three panties. When confronted, the maid just simply said, “You ask Kumar. I don’t wear panties!”

As the show built its momentum, Kumar joked about his stay in London and how he was approached by men in night clubs.

But it was the second session of the show that I found even more exciting. The jokes got spicier with Kumar flirted with the male audiences by telling them “if you are good looking, I will say good looking. If not, I will just pass by.”

At first, I thought Kumar would demonstrate some “Kumarsutra” positions but I was wrong. It was all his hilarious jokes that matter most. Kumar felt that Indian men were as hairy as botanic garden while Chinese men only have hair up until the knees!

Kumar also had the audience in stitches when he talked about the clubbing scenes in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur – from what the patrons wore to the art of picking up one-night stand.

Even his own sister was not spared. She became the subject of his sex jokes with her butt tattoo and how her husband reacted to it. I also got to see the soft side of Kumar when he showed us the passing of his dog.

All in all, the energy of this Kumar show was high with lots of laughter and applauses. And I left the show feeling contented knowing that I had de-stressed myself from work to have a good laugh or two.

Presented by LOL ASIA and considered as Kumar’s fourth highly successful multi-city tour, “Kumarsutra: Greatest Hit” was attended by nearly over 30,000 fans at 22 shows across 15 cities since 2016. – Nov 23, 2023


Francis Yip is a fashionista and an award-winning writer as well as a HRDF (Human Resource Development Fund)-accredited trainer. He is also the CEO of Franciswriter Dot Com and guest lecturer in The One Academy.

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