Drunk driving: Can you live with blood on your hands?

By Yeap Ming Liong


I READ with disgust news reports of drunk driving. The most recent involving a woman, who rammed into a police roadblock in Petaling Jaya while driving under the influence.

It is fortunate that the only casualty was the police equipment at the road block and not human lives.

I would like to send out a strong message to drivers, who think it is all right to operate their vehicles under the influence.

Stop your selfish and irresponsible actions and stop endangering the lives of others!

Enough damage has been done already. Appreciate not only your life, but that of others.

No one asking you to abstain from drinking. It’s not even a crime to get intoxicated, but please drink responsibly.

Don’t for one second think you are fit to drive after consuming too much alcohol. There are always ride hailing services available.

There is absolutely no way to resurrect the dead. Can you live with blood on your hands?

There are laws against drunk driving and yet it doesn’t seem to be a deterrent for these selfish individuals as all efforts to educate them have fallen on deaf ears and blind eyes.

Enough innocent lives have been lost to COVID-19. We honestly do not need to read reports of deaths resulting from drunk driving.

Please reflect on your actions. There is still time to change your ways.

Appreciate the fragility of live as we all only have one. – March 11, 2021


Yeap Ming Liong is from Subang Jaya, Selangor.

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.


Photo credit: Wapcar



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