Edusphere, a comfortable and convenient home for students

DANIEL Tan and his wife are extremely proud of their daughter, Linda, who is doing well academically. Linda has just secured a place at the University of Cyberjaya to fulfil her lifelong passion of becoming a medical doctor.   

Daniel is a little apprehensive, as any father would be, about his precious daughter being left to her own devices away from home for the first time. 

He had chosen the University of Cyberjaya due to its proximity to the family home in Seremban.  

He also liked the campus location in the quiet suburb of Cyberjaya, as opposed to more crowded and congested areas in the Klang Valley. But the real clincher was the fact that the campus was ensconced within an integrated development called edusphere, offering retail and residential options at the university’s doorstep. 

Eager to find out more about the residential options, they visited the show gallery located at L39 of HCK Tower in Damansara Perdana. They were given a walkthrough of the various residential options available at edusphere utilising Infinite Gallery’s AR and VR applications. 

The residential suites have three different layouts, with sizes ranging from 450sq ft to 790sq ft. All feature dual entrances, allowing for added privacy if units are shared. Linda was very taken by the cosiness of the studio unit but her parents seemed keen on the larger units.  

They surmised that if they were to purchase a unit, the larger units would be able to accommodate them when they visit Linda. Daniel was also thinking long-term, as he believes the larger units would appreciate more as an investment as it would also appeal to families. 

The fact that all the units would be ready-to-move-in also greatly appealed to them as it removed the headache of furnishing the unit. Another bonus was having a KFC and McD’s drive-thru restaurant at the very doorstep of the development, providing convenient dining options that would be useful during busy exam periods.  

After much deliberation, Daniel paid a booking fee for the larger 790sq ft unit, believing that its value would appreciate as Cyberjaya matures into a premium locale.  

For more information on the unique selling points of edusphere, head over to:  – Oct 22, 2023


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