Efforts to undermine Anwar takes comedic turn with Ringgit-Dollar exchange rate

THE value of the ringgit in relation to the US dollar is a topic of debate among Malaysians, with differing opinions on whether the currency is currently strong or weak.

Interestingly, some Malaysians have expressed the belief that the ringgit was more favourable when it was at RM4.45 to US$1, as opposed to its current rate of RM4.28 to US$1.

The people who own the Facebook page were very clear in their intentions, it was to criticise Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for what they call the “fall of the ringgit.”

However, netizens on Twitter in particular went ballistic in their attacks against the comment, which said:

(The value of the ringgit is depreciating more and more. Where is great aura of PMX..??)

Netizens were quick to point out that the person probably has a zero perspective on how to read an exchange rate.

When it costs less Ringgit to buy US$1, it actually indicates that the Ringgit has strengthened, making it more valuable. The value of a currency is influenced by a variety of factors, including economic stability. It’s important to understand these factors in order to have a better understanding of the currency’s value.

Meanwhile, a few netizens in the Twitterverse shared their thoughts on the matter and highlighted that alarmingly, many TikTokers seem to believe this misinformation. Other netizens responded by emphasising the importance of educating oneself on basic economics.

Twitter user @malikhalim77 stated:

(We don’t know who is in the wrong with this information. We should just leave these people alone and for the next five years it wouldn’t take too much for them to get mental health treatment, and maybe they would be more sane.)

User @muhdezwans11 chimed in:

The user pointed out that the recent decline in the value of the US dollar has presented an opportunity for him to make more purchases on Amazon.

He also highlighted that it would be a missed opportunity not to take advantage of this situation, but he also acknowledged that shopping in other countries, such as Indonesia and Thailand, may not be as beneficial due to their relatively high currency exchange rates.

Therefore, he has decided to wait until the currency depreciation in those countries before buying items from there.

Moreover, user @zee_yusoff said:

The netizen expressed that they would give the person a “Pelempang Nasional,” a play on words for “Perikatan Nasional,” meaning a figurative slap. They also mentioned that these are the people who didn’t pay attention during their mathematics classes.

Furthermore, user @syakas22 said:

(Those who believe this statement had the chance to receive an education, but it appears they were absent from their classes, resulting in their inability to understand the current state of the economy.)

The user then compared their ignorance to that of a child’s understanding of Power Rangers. — Jan 23, 2023


Main photo credit: The Malaysia Reserve

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