Energy saving tips for small businesses

THESE are tough economic times. The news is always warning of an impending global recession, sparked by conflicts in Europe and supply chain disruptions. It is especially unnerving for smaller businesses trying to navigate these uncertain times.

Many organisations are looking for ways to reduce their operating costs in a bid to improve their bottom line. One of the best ways to make a noticeable difference in this area is by implementing energy-saving steps. This is what smaller organisations can do to save on energy bills:

Flexi working hours 

Encourage staff to come in extra early when it’s much cooler in the mornings. This will allow minimal usage of air conditioning. Programme the thermostat accordingly to match the temperatures outside and also staff capacity. 

The benefit to employees is earlier clock-out times, allowing them to beat peak-hour traffic. Again, if an organisation is able to implement this, it means less stress on air conditioning during the hotter afternoon and early evening times.  

The obvious benefit here is less electricity spent on air conditioning. What may seem like a negligible sum monthly will tally up in the long run.

Install automatic doors 

It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but far too often, staff or visitors fail to properly shut traditional doors leading to hours of leaked air conditioning. It will also give your organisation a modern, professional façade.  

Conduct an energy audit

To make educated and informed decisions on energy savings, it is best to conduct an energy audit. Contact the area’s energy provider, and it is likely they will provide this service. A detailed report of the organisation’s power consumption patterns will highlight which areas specifically contribute most to the energy bill. Consult relevant experts to pin down the exact measures that can be taken, but it all starts with a detailed energy audit.  

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