Enter the Dragon: When newly-weds rush to conceive for next zodiac sign

BAD news for condom makers as many couples are ditching contraceptives in an attempt to conceive a ‘dragon baby’.

In the Malaysian context, Bursa Malaysia’s Main Market-listed Karex Bhd which reputed itself to be the world’s largest condom maker should perhaps brace itself for some challenges in the coming two or three quarters.

For the uninitiated, ‘dragon baby’ simply refers to a child born in the Year of the Dragon which falls on the next Lunar New Year (between Feb 10, 2024 and Jan 25, 2025) according to the Chinese Zodiac.

Those who adhere to Chinese astrology believe that the Year of the Dragon is the most ong (auspicious) sign in the Chinese Zodiac cycle.

Many believe that those who are born under this zodiac sign will enjoy a life filled with success, good fortune and longevity. Dragon newborns are also said to be more imaginative, creative, confident and persistent.

With this belief being prevalent among many Malaysians – and this is not just confined to the Chinese community – there has been an upsurge in demand for wedding facilities as couples rush to meet the ‘deadline’.

A report in The Star indicates a 75% increase in demand for wedding banquet facilities with six-month waiting list for some of the more popular places.

While this may be bad news for condom makers, it is certainly a very welcome boost to the hospitality industry which has yet to fully recover from the effects of the pandemic.

Whatever the motivation, any news that helps boost a particular economic sector is always viewed positively.

Best of luck to the happy couples in trying to conceive a ‘dragon baby’. – Nov 2, 2023

Main pic credit: Amazon.com

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