Expect 1 year jail for wearing shorts in Kelantan

IN Kelantan, it is difficult for Muslim men to wear Bermuda shorts in public due to the strict enforcement of Islamic laws and once caught in the act, they can be fined on the spot with a possible jail sentence.Recently, seven men between the ages of 10 and 20 received a warning notice from the Islamic Religious Affairs Department for wearing thigh-high shorts at a shop in Tanah Merah.The men were in a shisha shop and the authorities responded to public complaints about the shisha business at the location, prompting a raid.A warning notice was issued under Section 23 of the Syariah Criminal Code Enactment (1) 2019 to the offenders and it could result in a fine of up to RM1,000 or six months in prison.The laws also have provisions for a year’s jail for various offences related to wearing shorts in public.However, since it was their first offence, they were sent to attend counselling two days after they were caught.The Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Negeri Kelantan (JAHEAIK) Syariah Law Enforcement Division chief assistant director stated that they hoped the men would not repeat the same mistake in the future.Kelantan is known for its strict enforcement of Islamic laws and customs. The state government has established various laws and regulations to promote Islamic values and culture.The Syariah Criminal Code Enactment (1) 2019, which includes the regulation against aurat offences, is one such example. Islam imposes dress codes on both males and females who are of legal age.Men are not allowed to wear Bermuda shorts in public since they have to cover their knees, which are considered part of the ‘aurat’ or body parts that need to be covered.However, the enforcement of such laws and regulations has sparked debate and criticism from some people who feel that it limits personal freedom and promotes extremism.Nevertheless, the Kelantan government maintains that their strict enforcement of Islamic customs is necessary to uphold their religious values and to preserve their unique identity as a state. — April 1, 2023

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