Expect a decline in print after The Star cover price revision

ONE of Malaysia’s leading newspapers, The Star, has announced a major change to its pricing structure, effective April 3, 2023.The newspaper will be revising its cover price to RM3.00 for both the weekday and weekend editions, and this is expected to have a significant impact on sales of its print media.The move comes as The Star seeks to expand its content offerings and stay competitive in an increasingly challenging media landscape. However, the price hike could result in a decline in sales as readers may choose to switch to digital platforms or other cheaper alternatives.Some reports said The Star has been struggling to maintain its print sales in recent years due to changing reader preferences and the rise of digital media. The paper says it has a circulation of 248,559 and a readership of 1,185,000.

The pandemic has only accelerated this trend, with many consumers turning to online news sources for their daily dose of information.As a result, The Star has been forced to make some tough decisions to stay afloat. The price revision is one of those decisions, as the newspaper seeks to balance its financial obligations with the need to remain relevant and competitive.Existing subscribers are also affected by the price revision, as the cost of their annual subscription plans will increase accordingly. The Star is urging readers to take note of this change and make necessary adjustments to their subscription plans.

“The decision could hasten media division’s demise and pivot The Star to a full-fledged property play, perhaps?

“As a mainstream media, The Star should fight inflation, not adding to it. 50% hike is far more higher than the inflation rate,” said an observer. — April 2, 2023


Main photo credit: The Edge Markets

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