Experience the great outdoors at Hiijauan Broga

LIM has been toiling at his banking job for over a decade and stays with his extended family comprising his elderly parents, his spouse and two kids, in a crowded suburb in an inner city area. The lockdown had been a very stressful time for all concerned, especially his retired parents who enjoyed their evening walks.

The current haze has further dampened the mood in the Lim household with the kids unable to enjoy outdoor sporting activities. Needless to say, the enforced close proximity has led to tempers flaring, further darkening the mood.  

To alleviate the stress, Lim decided to take the entire family out for a spot of fresh air and leisure activities at the popular nature trail, Broga Hill. Located in Semenyih, Broga Hill is popular among hikers, anglers and nature enthusiasts, as well as as a picnic spot.

Arriving at the foot of Broga Hill, Lim could already feel the mood among his family members lifting, especially his parents who really do enjoy the outdoors. They had been complaining that their current home was in a congested area and that the air quality was far from ideal for their evening walks.  

Further up the nature trail, his wife and kids spotted a plethora of wildlife—squirrels, chameleons and assorted birds—scurrying about the lush greenery.  

Completely invigorated after the trek, Lim wondered aloud how wonderful it would be if they could live in such an environment. Broga Hill was, indeed, a far cry from their current inner city dwelling. At that exact moment, they spotted a large billboard advertising soon-to-be-launched homes in the vicinity. 

They noted the development’s name Hiijauan Broga. They also noted it was a development by a reputable developer HCK Capital Group. 

Since everyone was feeling recharged by their visit to Broga Hill, Lim broached the idea of moving the family home there.

The suggestion was met with all-round approval, especially after a quick online search revealed that Hiijauan Broga will feature plenty of facilities focused on an outdoor lifestyle. There will be lengthy jogging trails alongside communal gardening plots to encourage a more communal lifestyle—one where neighbours are not strangers.

Furthermore, there is also a planned observation deck allowing for spectacular vistas of the surrounding area. All this was a far cry from their current concrete jungle existence. 

It didn’t take long for the Lim to make a decision, as they registered their interest on the Hiijauan Broga website for the upcoming launch. Needless to say, they are looking forward to a new lifestyle that is active and healthy.  

For more information, kindly go to: https://www.hiijauanbroga.com/  – Oct 15, 2023

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