Fahmi unveils the true priorities that surpass Madani slogan

COMMUNICATION and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil stated that people were more concerned with the cost of living, food prices, goods, and internet access than the slogans.

“People don’t really care about slogans, but about the cost of living, the price of goods, and internet access… therefore, it is important for every minister and ministry to immediately implement efforts to manage these issues that impact the people,” Bernama TV reported him as saying last night (Jan 24) in the Ruang Bicara programme.

He added that the Madani concept focuses on better efforts (like helping the people) and improvement in the quality of services provided to the people.

Fahmi elaborated that the concept of “Malaysia Madani” is not just a slogan, but will be translated through all the Government’s efforts in solving the problems faced by the people, besides making Malaysia a better country.

The concept will be used as a guide for all ministers and ministries to achieve their respective key performance indicators (KPIs), which are set.

Last week (Jan 19), Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim launched the Malaysia Madani concept in an effort to drive and restore Malaysia’s dignity and glory in the global arena.

Malaysia Madani laid out Anwar’s vision of a civilised, skilled, and inclusive society. They are based on six core values, namely sustainability, prosperity, innovation, respect, trust, and compassion.

In delivering his mandate, themed “Developing Malaysia Madani”, Anwar called on all his Cabinet members and civil servants to practise the core values in all administrative affairs.

“I have high confidence that Malaysia will be able to rise again on the world stage.. we don’t want Malaysia to be polluted with scandals, problems, and conflicts.

“Malaysia Madani will restore Malaysia’s right to be known and respected as a prosperous nation,” he said.

Meanwhile, Fahmi also said the KPI of the Communications and Digital Ministry is to solve the issues regarding access to the internet and other telecommunications issues the people are facing. — Jan 25, 2023

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