Fake FB post stirs racial slurs over Jacyln Victor winning Malaysia’s #1 reality singing contest

JACLYN Victor emerged victorious in the hotly contested singing competition – All Stars Gegar Vaganza (ASGV). But given the show’s popularity, not everyone agreed with the judging panel’s final decision.

As with the age of social media, there were plenty of bric brats and no small amount of negative comments about the 45-year-old being named champion and walking away with a a cash prize of RM200,000, a holiday package to Switzerland and trophy.

What was shocking though was that some sought to create further mischief by creating a fake post to stir up racial sentiments.

Wrongly attributing comments to another singer Dayangku Intan and attaching it to PAS mouthpiece Harakah Daily, the fake post makes the distasteful claim that many other talented Malay Muslim singers were more deserving of the accolade.

Luckily, this was quickly spotted by netizens who called it as a fake:

However, given the current mood and sentiment, it is not surprising that some cybertroopers saw an opportunity to seize the opportunity to stir up animosity towards PAS.

While a few naïve netizens fell for the fake post hook, line and sinker, it was refreshing to see that the majority saw through the blatant lie.

At a time where everything and anything is fair game for cybertroopers to create fake news, it is hoped Malaysians will be more vigilant and not fall for race-baiting propaganda.

Meanwhile, a police report has been lodged on the matter by Dayangku Intan.

And many congrats Jacyln Victor … – Dec 13, 2023

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