“Fast & Furious” movie-like antics caught on dashcam angers netizens

LIKE a scene out of a Hollywood action thriller, Fast & Furious, two vehicles are seen engaging in a high-speed chase with zero consideration for other road users.

Shared on Malaysia Viral Facebook site, recklessness of both drivers on the brief video prompted many netizens to demand that stern action be taken against motorists who behave in such manner.

Here is a sample of those comments.

Many urged the authorities to take action.

Some expressed disbelief that the clip was real and not an outtake from the Fast & Furious movie franchise.

More than a few expressed dismay that people no longer seem able to keep their emotions in check.

From mob justice being meted out on the streets to high-speed car chases on public expressways, the question that needs to be asked is what is becoming of Malaysian society? – Feb 27, 2024

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